Aussie Man Hands

The Aussie Man Hands Story

A few years ago, Jake got a nasty cut on his hand.

Jake is a plumber, so his hands were frequently in contact with.. well, you know.

Jake's cut opened a hotel for bacteria, and he ended up with Cellulitis. The prognosis was that Jake would need his arm amputated. Luckily, the doctors were able to do what they do best, and has arm lives to hold another meat pie.

They gave him one very stern warning;

“Take better care of your hands Jake! We don't want this happening again.”

Did Jake listen? No. Course not. Doctors don't know anything about bodies and medicine and how to stay alive (maybe he could've listened to the Bee Gees).

Jake's mum, Maree, wasn't about to risk it happening again. She set out on a mission to find him the right hand repair cream. There was nothing. Not a product Jake would use. All too greasy and too heavy.

Thus, Aussie Man Hands was born. It was initially just intended for Jake, but soon enough, all the guys on site wanted some.

The rest, as they say, is history.

There are now tradies all over the world with healthier and infinitely more epic hands.

Be one of them!