Let Orientique Clothing colour your world

    Ladies, if you’ve been on the hunt for a perfect blend of stylish yet laid-back gear to wear, you’ve found it. Orientique fashions are fabulously unique – just right for the Aussie Western scene.

    Dresses, tops and accessories featuring one-of-a-kind prints are the focal point of the label. With a team of creatives scouring the world’s fashion centres for inspiration, the brand never fails to wow us with their beautiful creations. Take a look for yourself and see what sets this Aussie brand apart.

    Buy Orientique clothing direct from Australia’s leading country Western store

    With a name like Orientique, you’d hardly think this Aussie label belongs in one of the nation’s leading country clothing stores, and yet it does.

    Australian women want their fashion fix, and we’re here to provide it. The loose, flowy styles this Brisbane-based brand is so well known for are perfect for everyday wear, and they’re oh so easy to dress up or down.

    Try throwing on a frock with a pair of caramel-coloured cowgirl boots, or complementing one of our women’s shirts with a luxuriously silky scarf and a pair of fabulous jeans. Either way, you’ll look effortlessly put together without really trying. Don’t just take our word for it. Treat yourself to a piece or two and have fun dressing up.

    Be effortlessly comfortable wherever you go

    Country living is rarely comfortable. Luckily, the clothing is. Whether you’re deciding between a dress or one of their shirts, you’ll love the comfort and style offered by Orientique clothing.

    Made with premium natural materials, these designs are an absolute pleasure to wear, rain, hail or shine. Made of either viscose, cotton, or a blend of both, the breathable material keeps skin cool and happy no matter what. You never know what Australia's harsh conditions have instore for you, after all.

    Available in sizes from 8-22, you’ll easily find your fit. Check the size guide if you’re not quite sure, or feel free to ask our friendly team to guide you. Better yet, drop in and try styles on in our brick-and-mortar store.

    Orientique is 100% Australian-made

    Aussie fashion has a distinctive look and feel. This label fits the vibe, and also happens to be proudly made right here in Australia.

    As each piece is made locally, designers have full control over thread count, weave, knit and all the other elements that make clothing what it is. Once the creative team comes up with the visuals (a process often done by hand) the artwork is converted to digital files, which are then prepped for hand screen-printing.

    As you can imagine, all of this takes time – which is why only two collections are released per year: one for the summertime, and one for the wintertime. Both never fail to fly off the shelf.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the latest line – or sign to our mailing list for regular new season alerts.