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Ringers Western


    Ringers Western Clothing

    From the remote Kimberley Ranges station of El Questro comes a true Aussie outback label.

    Born in 2012 out of frustration for doing hard yakka in clothing that didn’t withstand a rugged 404,685.6ha, Ringers Western was born when Andrew MacDonald and his crew decided to design their own gear. That way, at least they could blame themselves for any rips caused by day-to-day wear. Over a decade later, Ringers Western continues to be sought after by Jackeroos, Jilleroos, and those who love to keep it real.

    Here at Hidden Valley, we bring modern Western gear directly from Dungog to you, so accessing the latest styles is simple. Our shopping-made-easy approach is designed to suit those who’d rather be out on the land than spending time in shopping centres – an approach that we think you’ll appreciate. Browse the collection online and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

    Stylish Ringers Western hats, shirts and jeans take you from station to street in no time

    Simple and down-to-earth with a cheeky, playful vibe, the range from Ringers has you covered – and it’s easy to see how the label captures the spirit of Western living. Focused on quality durable gear for harsh outdoor terrain, these designs live up to tough standards.

    Channel the rodeo with hats, jeans and men’s and women’s shirts for the hot and cold seasons – or make a statement when you’re out on casual urban streets. With all the stock we’ve got in store, El Questro’s finest is up for grabs.

    Finding gifts for him has never been easier

    Let’s face it, shopping for the men in your life can be a pain. Luckily, Ringers clothing makes it that much easier to get Christmas, birthday and celebratory surprises done and dusted, fuss-free.

    For starters, we recommend choosing one of our men’s work shirts. Far from the 9-5 white-collar button-ups worn under suits, these casual staples are everything a red-blooded Aussie bloke needs. Best of all, they’ll stand up to tough cowboy shenanigans. Don’t be surprised if these beauties quickly become his favorites.

    We haven’t forgotten the little ones, either. Boys’ tops and gear is something that Ringers has become known for (partly because Andrew’s son has a say in the design process. How adorable). Next time you’re looking for inspiration on what to get the lil’ Jackaroo in your life, you know where to go – and you won’t be disappointed.

    Dress the whole family in a few simple steps

    Ok, we’ll admit it. We have a soft spot for families and family-owned businesses. Maybe it’s because we happen to be a home-grown family business ourselves. Maybe it’s because of the values we were raised with. Either way, we like the idea of helping Aussie families get their hands on great quality clothing.

    For that reason, we carefully pick out a range that’s got both the littlies and grown-ups sorted. One order and you’ve taken care of hubby, the boys, the girls, and yourself. Then it’s back to work, play, or whatever else you want to do with your day.

    Feel free to get in touch if you need a hand with ordering online (or have any questions about our stock). We’re more than happy to help, and will always do our best to get back to you ASAP.